Meet the Daigle Tours Team

John Daigle

Owner and Director

Best thing about running Daigle Tours: Being able to make decisions with my wife Anita that differentiate Daigle Tours from other safari tour operators and making positive changes that will really benefit the wellbeing of the magnificent creatures that so many people dream of seeing in Tanzania. We want to see more education around conservation and make sure people understand that if we lose our wildlife it will be gone forever. The people of Tanzania are dependent on the success of their conservation and survival of the wildlife for their own health and wellbeing.

Favorite safari spot: Selous. There are very few roads so animal encounters are truly really breathtaking and wild.

Favorite wildlife: I love the thrill of the chase and seeing famous predators like the big cats: lions, leopards and cheetahs.

Favorite sport: I enjoy any water sports and Tanzania’s the perfect place for those activities because it’s so uncrowded. When I’m not in the office or on safari you can find me snorkelling, boating or fishing.

Best thing about living in Tanzania: Having my family business here in Tanzania lets me do the things I love and work on conversation which is so important to me because I’d love to help save this wild but threatened land.

Best safari tip: Be like a boy scout and be prepared! You’ll need to get medical advice from your doctor before leaving, bring proper clothing for environment and not too much luggage to hamper your fun adventures. Bring lots of batteries.

Favorite food: Living here in Tanzania that’s easy. It must be the amazing seafood.

Three people I’d love to go on safari with: Canadian conservationist David Suzuki,  Barack Obama and my late family and living. They’d all have to come along!

If I wasn’t answering these questions I’d be: Meeting with the Daigle Tours team coming up with improvements and new ideas for safari adventures.

The change I’d most like to see in the world is: For the powers of the world to realize it’s not all just about money.

Most people don’t know: That I’m an outdoor enthusiast and when I moved to Tanzania from Canada that passion seemed to kick into overdrive because there’s so much to explore out here.

I can’t live without: New ideas and daily challenges.

Not many people know that: Tanzania is a safe country. Of course it does have some issues like anyplace in the world but with the advice from our guides I’m sure you’ll have no problems.

Anita Kidyalla Daigle

Owner and Director

Nickname: Nita

Best thing about working with Daigle Tours: Setting up the best tour company in Tanzania with a great future and so many opportunities for development.

Favorite safari spot: Serengeti

Favorite place on earth: Home

Favorite sport: Volleyball

Best thing about living in Tanzania: Great country, great weather.

Favorite food: Cooked bananas.

Three people I’d love to go on safari with:  Mother Theresa, Angelina Jolie and Beyoncé Knowles.

If I wasn’t answering these questions I’d rather be: Reading or listening to uplifting inspiring messages about life, business and success. I’m always learning.

The change I’d most like to see in the world is: More love and respect among individuals, more faith and ability to positive works.

Most people don’t know that: We’re stronger and smarter than we think.

Samwel Ludamila

Tour Organizer and Manager

Best thing about working with Daigle Tours: It’s a great working environment and I get to meet people from around the world and see their different perspectives.

Favorite safari spot: Serengeti National Park for the great migration, and Ruaha National Park which is a famous wilderness area and is the only park in Tanzania where you can found the elegant Greater Kudu.

Favorite wildlife: I can’t choose! I love the ‘big five’ animals, elephant, rhino, lion, buffalo and leopard and the wildebeest migration is amazing.

Favorite place on earth:  One with the beautiful white sand beaches on the island of Zanzibar or Mafia.

Favorite sport: Football, basketball and swimming.

Best thing about living in Tanzania: Friendly people, peaceful country and definitely the best safari destination.

Best safari tip: Get beige, khaki, green or  neutral colored safari clothes and make sure they’re comfortable as you’ll be spending a lot of time in the safari vehicle. We do all our game drives with open roof hatches and windows so it can get dusty and windy and a good sun hat is important. You’ll need both long and short sleeve t-shirts and short and long pants. It’s cold in the early mornings and at night particularly at the Ngorongoro Crater so a light jacket or fleece and scarf are essential.

Favorite food: Ugali served with beef and vegetables. Ugali is our traditional staple diet made from cornmeal it’s a similar to the Italian favourite polenta.

Three people I’d love to go on safari with: Jay Z, Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey.

I can’t live without: Discovering new things.

Not many people know that: Mount. Kilimanjaro is the highest free standing equatorial mountain in the world.

Mwanahamis Amir

Tour Consultant

Best thing about working with Daigle Tours: Gaining more experience in the tourism industry which I love.

Favorite wildlife: Wildebeest

Favorite place on earth: Ngorongoro Crater

Favorite sport: Swimming

Best thing about living in Tanzania:  It’s a really peaceful place.

Best safari tip: If you’ve never been on safari before book an organized safari with Daigle Tours and visit Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater

Favorite food: Cassava ugali

Three people I’d love to go on safari with: The late Mwalimu Nyerere, the late Eduward Sokoine and the late Amina Chifupa.

Not many people know that: You can find De Brazza’s Monkeys here in Tanzania at Saanane National Park.

Charles E. Msengi

Safari Guide and Mechanic.

Favorite safari spot: Serengeti National Park .

Favorite wildlife: Impala, gazelle, lion, and elephant.

Favorite place on earth: Tanzania!

Favorite sport: Football!

Best thing about living in Tanzania: Being close to my family.

Best safari tip: If you smoke when you’re on safari smoke in designated areas only. Smoking disturbs the wildlife and also can be extremely dangerous because of the risk of fires.

Favorite food: Rice and beef.

Three people I’d love to go on safari with: Nelson Mandela, Rihanna & Samuel Etto.

The change I’d most like to see in the world is: World peace.

Not many people know that: In Tanzania there are good national parks

Kapande Hassan

Safari Guide.

Favorite safari spot: Serengeti National Park.

Favorite wildlife: Lion, elephant and wildebeest.

Favorite place on earth:  Tanzania of course!

Favorite sport: Football.

Best thing about living in Tanzania: Peace and quiet.

Best safari tip: Be respectful of the country, people and wildlife.

Three people I’d love to go on safari with: John Rambo, Pink & King Fahad!

If I wasn’t answering these questions I’d rather be: Getting more guiding training.

The change I’d most like to see in the world is: Stop killing human and animals.

Not many people know that: Tanzania is the best safari destination in the world.


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