A ban on the import, manufacture and sale of plastic bags is helping to reduce waste and keep Tanzania clean and beautiful. Implemented in June 2019, travellers arriving in Tanzania are reminded that they are not allowed to include plastic bags in their packing. This is with the exception of Ziploc bags used to carry personal hygiene products and extends to medical items, sanitary products and food items.

While undeniably convenient, the use of disposable plastic products is considered one of the most serious environmental issues in Tanzania. As responsible and sustainable tour operators, we do our part to avoid single-use plastic including water bottles. Our local tours of Dar Es Salaam include visits to markets where you can see work by local artists who recycle plastic to create anything from fashion accessories to furniture.

To keep your packing organised without using plastic bags, we recommend you buy soft packing cells which are readily available from good travel and adventure shops. They come in different sizes with clear netting on the top so you can see what’s inside. Avoid confusion by making sure you get a different colour from your travel companions. To carry dirty laundry, a thin nylon bag with a drawstring and toggle, like the type used to store sleeping bags, will take up minimal space in your luggage.

We look forward to welcoming you to plastic-free Tanzania.

TZ Plastic Bag Policy