January 13, 2020

The most breathtaking, lively experience I have ever had. We saw ‘The Big Four’ on the first day!

This trip was so amazing. The service at the accommodation was second to none. The owner of the camp treated us like family. They welcomed us with open arms. The accommodation was perfect with not a thing out of place. Very clean and very well designed. Super friendly staff who are willing to guide you back to your cabin/tent to make you feel safe. Waking up to an incredible view the next day was simply breathtaking. Not to mention, bacon & eggs for breakfast the following morning. Our tour guides on safari were so patient and waited until the animals got closer to us so we could all take our desired photos. I would give this safari tour more stars if it were possible. We seen ‘The Big Four’ on the very first day we arrived. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Certainly something to write home about. I am definitely going back to visit this place again in the near future.