Sarah & Stefan
January 13, 2020

More than a Safari

Before we start our beach holiday on Sansibar we wanted to have a safari trip in Tanzania. We have visited many homepages with interesting Safaris. Daigle Tours quoted the best for us:
Start: Tanzania/Selous Safari => End: Sansibar Stone Town Tour
The organisation was very good. Manager Samwel replied every mail fast and trustful.
When we arrived at Dar es Salaam at 2:30 in the night we were picked up from our guide Kapande directly from the airport.
First day we were in Dar es Salaam in a good Hotel direclty at the coast. We had very good breakfast and dinner which was included in our booking like every following days.

On the second day we started our tour to Selous. During the trip we had the chance to see very much of african/tanzanian live. It was very interesting to watch people, behavior and land scapes while we drove to Selous.

In Selous we had a safari on the water where we saw exotic birds, crocodiles, hippos and very tall lizards. Due the low water-level in July we could enter a sandbank where we could observe a hippo family not far from us and an amazing sunset. This one was probably the best sunset we have ever seen.
To lie in the sand, which is actualy the ground of a big river, while watching hippos relaxing in their own territory, during the sun goes down.. Awesome..
Next day we had a full game reserve drive which was also an absolut highlight. We have seen elefants, giraff, zebras, garzelle, hyena, eagle and many many many more animals in wildness.

Unfortunately we have not spotted lions but our guide has looked for known spots to get a look of rare animals. We have noted that he was interested to show us as much as possible. A good feeling for us. This is why we were lucky to spot elefants which became more rare from year to year in Selous. Our guide is a good one we think!
Next day we drove back to Dar es Salaam to take a ferry over to Sansibar. When we arrived we were picked up again from another guide who drove us to a wunderful hotel at the east coast of Sansibar. It was good for us to make the transfer over to Sansibar with an organized and trustful tour. Everything went alright.

The day after we made an interesting Stone Town Tour and a Spice Farm Tour. It was a good ending for our very exciting week. At the very end our guide even brought us to our hotel.
All in all we had an incredible week. We have seen so many things from african life and not only animals and a secure transfer to Sansibar what we thought when we booked this safari.

We had a really good time because it was just more than a safari for us.