There three Bushman tribes in Tanzania who are Hudzabe, Datoga and Tindiga, among of the few remaining hunter – gathering groups on the planet. The hudzabe and Datoga are found around Lake Eyasi in the Central Rift Valley and neighboring Serengeti plateau while the Tindiga are found at Dongobeshi – Karatu.


The bushman tribes still maintain the traditional hunter – gatherer ways of their lifestyle. They depend much on bush life as the hunted animals to get food, use trees and grasses build huts for accommodation or shelter, trees also for food (fruits and roots), trees and animals for ornaments, cloths and tools.

Men hunt for wild animals and birds with bows and arrows. There are different arrows of different types of animals; poisoned arrows are used for large animals. Bushmen do not eat the hyena and lion. They are also eaten tubers and fruits from the Baobab tree.


They live in huts marked by upright sticks and grasses in semi – circle, some of the trees and bushes during dry season and during wet season they live in caves. Their beds and floor mats are hidden from Kudu and Impala.

Men and women socialize in very separate groups. Women stay with children and boys age seven and above with men. Men put on shorts and animal hides while women wear colorful clothes (Kanga or Vitenge) wrapped around them and jewelries made up from beads, hide, and porcupine guiles which can be purchased from them.


Normally traditional dancing and singing makes them together in occasions and gathering. Such an amazing lifestyle of the Bushmen in Tanzania, Karibu Tanzania!Bushmen_young_boy