Tanzania is not just a landscape of open plains. There are mountains, rivers, and
beautiful forests waiting to be explored. There are also three islands that bring the
feel of the tropics to Africa. Wander along long stretches of isolated beaches or play
in the waves on the shores of Tanzania’s islands.

Mafia Island boasts some amazing diving abilities. Its isolated beaches are the
perfect hopping off point for exploring nearby sandbars. Just out from its shores
lies an entire hidden world sheltered by the rolling waves. Swim with countless
brightly colored fish as you explore this island. It is the perfect place to go for the
adventurous traveler who wants to get off the beaten path.

Pemba Island is a cultural hub where visitors can enjoy many different landscapes.
The island itself is full of natural resources in the form of forests, mangrove groves,
and beautiful beaches. Surrounding the island are coral reefs that support numerous
marine species. Diving here is a fascinating and colorful experience! Pemba is also
known for its voodoo and traditional healing. Visiting this island is not only a chance
to play in the waves, but also to experience some rich cultural traditions.

Zanzibar Island is home to some of the best beaches in the world. The north coast
is the ideal place for a private getaway or a romantic tryst. Few people visit these
beaches, making them very secluded. Just off of the Northeast coast are coral reefs
and sandbars that create an ideal habitat for marine animals. Diving or snorkeling
here is a dazzling experience. Zanzibar is also home to three different parks and
reserves. These areas support a plethora of exotic wildlife.

The islands of Tanzania are incredibly beautiful places where you can getaway
and relax. Dive off the coast and explore coral reefs filled with marine life. Soak up
some rays on a deserted beach and feel as if you are the only person in the world.
Take a hike through dense forests and listen to the calls of monkeys. A truly unique
adventure awaits you on one of Tanzania’s islands.