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Daigle Tours

Southern Tanzania – Selous

An incredible diversity of wildlife inhabits the Selous Game Reserve. It is easy to spot large mammals such as elephants [...]

Southern Tanzania – Selous2020-02-07T01:23:29+00:00

The Bushmen in Tanzania

There three Bushman tribes in Tanzania who are Hudzabe, Datoga and Tindiga, among of the few remaining hunter – gathering [...]

The Bushmen in Tanzania2020-02-07T01:23:06+00:00

Easter Trip with Swedish Army

This past Easter we had a better time and a privilege to have taken a trip of 70 Swedish Army Forces customers [...]

Easter Trip with Swedish Army2020-02-07T01:19:23+00:00

TANZANIA safaris in Serengeti

DAIGLE TOURS guests, got an up close and personal experience with TAZANIA safaris in the Serengeti. Our guests visited The [...]

TANZANIA safaris in Serengeti2020-02-07T00:20:14+00:00

Daigle Tours & Nita showcased in major newspaper

Tanzania’s leading daily English newspaper, The Citizen, featured Anita Daigle and Daigle Tours in their magazine pull-out section, Business Week, [...]

Daigle Tours & Nita showcased in major newspaper2015-05-19T05:54:06+00:00