Easter Trip with Swedish Army


This past Easter we had a better time and a privilege to have taken a trip of 70 Swedish Army Forces customers [...]

Easter Trip with Swedish Army2020-02-07T01:19:23+00:00

Take a Safari in Lion Country – Tanzania


It is awe-inspiring to watch these gorgeous animals basking in the sun or prowling the perimeter of their enclosure. Imagine [...]

Take a Safari in Lion Country – Tanzania2020-02-07T00:18:24+00:00

The Top Five Things Tanzania is Famous For


Tanzania boasts many national treasures, and there are countless things to see and do when you visit this beautiful country. [...]

The Top Five Things Tanzania is Famous For2020-06-20T07:27:21+00:00

Great Migration Update


Great Migration Update; Members of the vast wildebeest herd give birth more or less simultaneously, usually over a period of [...]

Great Migration Update2020-02-07T01:19:38+00:00

DAIGLE TOURS Support Social Responsibility


Mr. John Daigle and Mrs. Anita Daigle few weeks ago attended a small gathering prepared by New Hope Family shelter [...]

DAIGLE TOURS Support Social Responsibility2020-02-07T00:13:50+00:00

TANZANIA safaris in Serengeti


DAIGLE TOURS guests, got an up close and personal experience with TAZANIA safaris in the Serengeti. Our guests visited The [...]

TANZANIA safaris in Serengeti2020-02-07T00:20:14+00:00

Daigle Tours & Nita showcased in major newspaper


Tanzania’s leading daily English newspaper, The Citizen, featured Anita Daigle and Daigle Tours in their magazine pull-out section, Business Week, [...]

Daigle Tours & Nita showcased in major newspaper2020-11-15T23:09:18+00:00

Visit Saadani National Park


Tanzania is filled with incredible parks and places to visit. Not only does the country feature some of the most [...]

Visit Saadani National Park2020-02-12T08:09:28+00:00

Tanzania Beaches


Tanzania boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Sparkling water meets soft sand as a light breeze scented [...]

Tanzania Beaches2020-02-04T03:35:19+00:00

Visit Ruaha National Park


Ruaha National Park is a prime example of untrammeled wilderness in the central heart of Tanzania. This rugged and semi-arid [...]

Visit Ruaha National Park2020-02-04T03:37:01+00:00
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