It is awe-inspiring to watch these gorgeous animals basking in the sun or prowling the perimeter of their enclosure. Imagine if you could view these great predators in the wild. You can when you take a safari in Tanzania.

Lions are the kings of the savannah. They are the greatest predators that roam across the lush grasses of the plains and nap in the shade of lone trees. They are magnificent and majestic. A lion safari with Daigle Tours Tanzania is the best way to view these incredible animals in their natural habitat.

Tanzania is a beautiful country, but the real attraction to visiting this part of East Africa is the abundance of wildlife. Millions of herbivores gather in enormous herds, their hooves thundering across the grassy plains. Such large numbers of prey draw an incredible amount of predators.

There are many places to view lions when you take a safari in Tanzania. The most popular safari route is the Northern Circuit. This area includes the incredible Serengeti National Park. Every year, massive herds of wildebeest and other herbivores traverse the Serengeti during the Great Migration. The herds are stalked by prides of lions as well as other predators. There is no better way to view the circle of life in action.


Another great park to visit and view lions is Saadani National Park on the Eastern Circuit. This park is unique because it is the only wildlife sanctuary in Tanzania that features coastline on the Indian Ocean. This is a place where you can share a beach with lions as well as other animals. Soak up some sun, but know that your peace may be interrupted by a lion coming to drink.

Lions are the iconic large predators of Africa. Taking a safari in Tanzania would be disappointing without viewing these magnificent animals in their natural habitat. Daigle Tours can help you plan the safari that will give you the best opportunity to see these great beasts in the wild.