Tanzania Southern Circuit Safari Highlights

The Southern Circuit Safari includes some of the most remarkable and less visited sights in Tanzania. There are fewer tourists because it is less well known than the Northern Circuit. Yours will frequently be the only vehicle on the landscape, and it is easy to imagine that the rest of the world no longer exists as you marvel at the incredible sights of this remarkable area.

Safaris in the south usually start from Dar es Salaam, where Daigle Tours are based. Reaching Dar is easiest by plane. The safaris easily connect to the Deep South, Zanzibar, Mafia, and Pemba. These areas can be reached by ferry or by plane.

Southern Tanzania also contains a few obscure destinations that are not a part of the usual tourist route:

  • Kilombero Valley
  • Uluguru Mountains
  • Ukuguru Mountains
  • Unguru Mountains
  • Rubeho Mountains
  • Rufiji Delta Ecosystem
  • Mahenge Mountains
  • Wami Mbiki Conservation Area

For more information on our Southern Circuit Safaris please read our Ultimate Guide to Southern Tanzania.

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