Ruaha National Park is a prime example of untrammeled wilderness in the central
heart of Tanzania. This rugged and semi-arid brush country is fed by the Ruaha
River and is an ideal place to take a safari vacation. In addition to breathtaking
scenery, Ruaha boasts incredible animal life. Make sure to keep your camera handy
when you visit Ruaha National Park!
If you are looking for elephants, one of the most iconic animals of Africa, then Ruaha
National Park is the place to visit. The park is home to the largest population of
elephants in any East African natural reserve. Nearly ten thousand of these majestic
animals can be found scattered across the park. Observing the matriarchal groups as
they huddle under the baobab trees protecting their young is a fantastic sight to see
on your safari.
All of the wildlife in the park is drawn to the Ruaha River. This water source is the
lifeblood of Ruaha National Park. It is a raging torrent during the height of the rainy
season, but it dwindles to a scattering of pools when the rains abate. These pools
are the congregating places of a great number of thirsty animals. There are plenty of
game-viewing trails along the Ruaha River so that you can see the rich diversity of
wildlife that Ruaha has to offer.
This concentration of thirsty herbivores draws an incredible number of hungry
predators. Large prides of lions hunt in Ruaha as well as cheetah, leopard, hyena.
In addition, you can see packs of the extremely endangers African wild dog. These
predators come for the abundant hunting around the water sources in Ruaha
National Park.
Ruaha National Park is a treasure of Tanzania. There are few places where you will
be able to enjoy such a wide variety of wildlife. Begin planning your safari adventure
and get ready to enjoy some amazing sights.