Great Migration
Tanzania boasts many national treasures, and there are countless things to see and
do when you visit this beautiful country. If you are having trouble narrowing down
your list of activities, check out the top five things Tanzania is famous for:

1. Serengeti National Park


Serengeti National Park is the most famous park in Tanzania and a great place to go
on safari. The park is usually abundant with wildlife all year round, but the annual
Great Migration is an astounding display. Millions of animals trek across the plains
in an enormous mass exodus that absolutely cannot be missed.

2. Mount Kilimanjaro


As the tallest peak on the African continent, Mount Kilimanjaro is known as the Roof
of Africa. A climb to its peak is one of the most memorable adventures that Tanzania
has to offer. Though the climb is rigorous, it is suitable for anyone no matter
previous climbing experience. On your way up the mountain you will pass through a
number of habitat zones, see numerous animals, and be treated to stunning vistas.

3. Beaches

The Mnemba Atoll,Zanzibar.

Tanzania is well known for its beautiful beaches. You can spend a day lounging
in the sun and enjoying a cool breeze, or you could strap on some scuba gear and
explore the reefs off one of Tanzania’s three islands. Fishing is abundant as well. If
you are very lucky, you may even find yourself sharing a beach with thirst wildlife.

4. The Ngorongoro Crater


The Ngorongoro Crater area is one of the most spectacular sights in the world. In
fact, it is often referred to as the Eighth Wonder of the World. This inactive volcanic
caldera is a natural amphitheatre with walls rising about two thousand feet from the
crater floor. Ngorongoro is not only a fantastic place to enjoy breathtaking vistas,
but also boasts the highest concentration of wildlife in the world.

5. Chimpanzees


Chimpanzees are our closest genetic relatives. Visiting them in their natural habitat
is a rare treat. It is fascinating to see their group dynamic. They are intelligent
animals with a complex social hierarchy. Trekking into the Gombe Stream and
Mahale National Parks is a great way to enjoy chimpanzees.

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